Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Scavenger Hunt.

This morning we went on a special scavenger hunt!
Check out the pictures to understand more.

We searched under our chairs for clue #1.


Finding clue #2.


On the hunt for clue #3.

We called in some help!


The hiding spot!

It was found!


She found it!

(Should read Be careful AND look- whoops!)

The hiding spot.

Looking hard for the book and the LAST clue.

The mystery book!

Yes, you read that correctly!
I am expecting TWINS!! I am beginning to show and had to share the news with them! It was so much fun.
After the final clue we had TWINKIES for everyone. They had LOTS of name suggestions!! Good ones like Romeo and Juliet! It was a fun way to begin our week and I had to share the events with you.

We read the book while we ate our Twinkies.

As you can see, I was pretty excited to share the news with them.

Mrs. Snyder