Thursday, September 30, 2010


RTI. What is RTI?
You have probably heard your child talk about RTI groups and you are wondering what they are talking about. Well, RTI stands for Response To Intervention. These are intervention groups where your child is working on a skill that is specific to their needs. Our RTI groupings are made up of 3 tiers.Tier 1 is in-class instruction. Tier 2 is small group, in class instruction. Tier 3 is small group, out of class instruction.We have time blocked off during our day that allows us to guarantee that each child is getting the needed about of individualized instruction..

This group is working on context clues.

This group is working on sight words with Miss Lawson.

This group is working on making words.
In room 201 we have RTI groups from 10:50-11:20. The children who are in Tier 3 and leave the classroom to meet with their small group. The rest of us are working in the classroom on skills that we need extra practice on or skills that we have mastered and we can work on extension activities,. Some of the kids work with me (Mrs. Snyder), some with Miss Lawson and some of them work on their own on specific assignments or projects. On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we are working on Reading in these groups. On Thursday and Friday we work on math. We are monitoring progress in these groups assessing each child to see if they are mastering the skill that we are working on.  So far we have had a great response and Miss Lawson and I are able to work on skills more specific to each child. If you ever have any questions about RTI or anything else we do in class, please let me know!!

Mrs. Snyder

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Spoiled!

This teacher has to be the most spoiled teacher in the building! I have never had such a wonderful birthday celebration here at school. I loved every minute of it and wanted to say THANKS for everything to everyone who helped me have such a wonderful day! We celebrated with doughnuts and juice for breakfast, and cupcakes for snack. Not just any cupcakes, but a penguin cupcake cake made especially for me because penguins are my favorite animal! We had all of those treats AND I got balloons, a singing card and a GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR A MASSAGE. I have only had one massage in my life and I could not be more excited to put that gift to use.  I love birthdays and I loved spending this one with the fabulous group of kids in room 201!


Mrs. Snyder

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today we (the city kids) went to the farm!

It was a fun filled day put on by the FFA & Kentucky Farm Bureau and FREE to all 3rd graders in our district. We visited 21 of the 31 stations and learned all we could about farming and agriculture! There were so many people who took time out of their busy schedule from their jobs, farms and lives to come teach us and for that we are very grateful. We learned about Soybeans, Corn, Rabbits, Composting, Cows, Tractors, Chickens, Pigs...YOU NAME IT!
We listened, touched, tested, and tried out all things farming. We even ate lunch and got FREE Tshirts along the way.  It was a wonderful day (H-O-T, but wonderful) and I wanted to share some of the pictures I snapped along the way today so you could have a peek into what we learned!


Our wonderful Student Teacher LOVED Ag Day too!

We learned to milk cows!
We learned how to tractor pull.
(Yes, this was my first experience with a tractor pull!)
We learned all the things that are made from CORN.
More tractor pulling!

We learned how they vaccinate and tag cows.
This young lady was a little afraid they might vaccinate her! :)
Even Nana Lou got in on the action!
We learned all about tractors.
Did you know that tractors can have GPS & Sunroofs?
This impressed us!
Miss Lawson figured it out!

We learned all about chickens.
Do you know how to tell what color egg a hen will lay?
Ask your kids- they do!
We got to touch and even hold BABY CHICKS!!

Yes, I was excited about it! Can you tell?

We met some friendly Alpacas.

We met Kentucky Kate.

We made bracelets with the girls from FFA.

We learned all about Soybeans.

Here we are learning about all things made from Alpacas.

We were great listeners!

As you can see it was a fun-filled day. It was hot, it was long, but it was FUN. We learned so much and it was fun to learn and do things we would have otherwise not had the chance to. I hope your kids tell you all about it tonight!

Mrs. Snyder

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Tonight is Papa Murphy's Night!
Take a break from cooking and order a pizza from one of the Snyder family's favorite pizza places (the garlic chicken pizza is my favorite- in case you were wondering!)! If you mention our school name when ordering our school will receive a portion of the total sale. The number is 863-9889. It is EASY. You call, order, pick it up, & bake it at home! It is excellent pizza!

Mrs. Snyder

Friday, September 10, 2010

Super Spellers

This week our spelling pattern was Long Vowel Digraphs ai, ay, ea, ee, oa, & ow. We learned that long vowel sounds are sometimes spelled in these vowel combinations. We worked hard all week learning this rule that will help us spell and read lots of words not just the words on our list.

Here are some pictures of one activity we did to help us learn this skill:

This guy did a GREAT job with that LONG E sound in clEAn!
We used our play dough to underline the combination that made the long vowel sound.
Hard at work!
Pink & Orange working hard (and having a little fun!)
What a team!!

We had a GREAT week. We worked hard and played hard.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

Mrs. Snyder

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunny D Book Spree


We love FREE books in room 201. We just earned 35 free books from our first Scholastic Book Order (thanks for participating!) and we would love to earn some more. Sunny D is doing a promotion and giving free books to schools and all we have to do is SAVE LABELS.Once we collect 20 labels we will earn 20 FREE books. This is very exciting to me! Start sending in those labels anytime- tell everyone you know to start collecting them too!

To learn more about the program go HERE.

Mrs. Snyder

We are collecting Sunny D labels of ANY flavor or size!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laptop Research

In Social Studies we are learning about Our Community. We are learning about laws, rules and our local government. Today we were able to use the laptops (THANKS PTO!) and do a little research on  our community on our city homepage. We looked up the names of all of our city council members, our mayor and other important city officials. We learned how to navigate this web page so that we can dig a little deeper tomorrow to learn more facts!  Once we finish this unit we will be taking a walking field trip downtown to meet all of the people and see all of the places we have been/ will be learning about. It will be FUN.
They worked so hard and L-O-V-E-D using this technology. And because I love snapping pictures of them I have some to share with you. Take a peek!!

The Pink & Orange teams working hard.
This team was setting a fine example!
Check out the Blue team.
Look at this pair. They could not be interrupted.
These guys may look like trouble, but they did GREAT work! :)

Don't forget to keep working hard to sell items from your fundraiser packet. Those fundraisers are the exact reason we have all of this wonderful technology to use each day! I love it all and would love some more! Thanks for working so hard to help us raise money!

Mrs. Snyder