Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today we (the city kids) went to the farm!

It was a fun filled day put on by the FFA & Kentucky Farm Bureau and FREE to all 3rd graders in our district. We visited 21 of the 31 stations and learned all we could about farming and agriculture! There were so many people who took time out of their busy schedule from their jobs, farms and lives to come teach us and for that we are very grateful. We learned about Soybeans, Corn, Rabbits, Composting, Cows, Tractors, Chickens, Pigs...YOU NAME IT!
We listened, touched, tested, and tried out all things farming. We even ate lunch and got FREE Tshirts along the way.  It was a wonderful day (H-O-T, but wonderful) and I wanted to share some of the pictures I snapped along the way today so you could have a peek into what we learned!


Our wonderful Student Teacher LOVED Ag Day too!

We learned to milk cows!
We learned how to tractor pull.
(Yes, this was my first experience with a tractor pull!)
We learned all the things that are made from CORN.
More tractor pulling!

We learned how they vaccinate and tag cows.
This young lady was a little afraid they might vaccinate her! :)
Even Nana Lou got in on the action!
We learned all about tractors.
Did you know that tractors can have GPS & Sunroofs?
This impressed us!
Miss Lawson figured it out!

We learned all about chickens.
Do you know how to tell what color egg a hen will lay?
Ask your kids- they do!
We got to touch and even hold BABY CHICKS!!

Yes, I was excited about it! Can you tell?

We met some friendly Alpacas.

We met Kentucky Kate.

We made bracelets with the girls from FFA.

We learned all about Soybeans.

Here we are learning about all things made from Alpacas.

We were great listeners!

As you can see it was a fun-filled day. It was hot, it was long, but it was FUN. We learned so much and it was fun to learn and do things we would have otherwise not had the chance to. I hope your kids tell you all about it tonight!

Mrs. Snyder

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