Thursday, January 15, 2015

Take peek at our week!

 The fifth grade classes joined together to have a STEM project. STEM stands for; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We made a plank and ladder from Mr. Popper's Penguins. The students tried to make a plank and ladder that could hold a paper penguin. Some  teams made a successful finish but some groups fell at the last minute. only one group failed to them but we know the succeeded
We had so many materials and we had to make a ladder and stand for our penguin and it had to be free standing, it was really fun.  We LOVE STEM!
the building of a plank and ladder

a finished plank and ladder

We watched a play that our chorus preformed called, "HAPPY THE HIGH-TECH SNOWMAN"
All of the chorus members did great whether they were preforming on stage or on risers.
I think a lot of people liked it, I know I did! We thought it was really funny too!
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you get what you wanted.
We will see you all in 2015!

                                                                  Merry Christmas

                                                                                    by: Riley E. and Chloe P.

R.I.P Penny


Have you heard? We have some very sad news, our very loving class pet Penny, has died. She did not make it back to school after Christmas break and our classroom is a bit sad. We had some very good moments with her and we all loved her a lot. Even though she was a  BINGO board prize, she was family. Rest in peace Penny. We miss her already, but we will remember our  greatest moments!

A quick recap of our week:

Math:  Adding and Subtracting Fractions practice & intro to Mixed Numbers

Reading: We are way into reading the novel Woods Runner

Social Studies : The beginning of the Revolutionary War

Language Arts:  Reviewing types of sentences and working on our APE writing strategies.

Friday, December 5, 2014


On Wednesday we had a special guest a school, we had the First Lady of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She gave us something special too! She gave us the energy Star Award- the award is for saving the most energy. Some students went up to receive the award for our school, those students were; Connor Ramsey, Jenna McMillan, and Carson Hammons. Other special guests we had at the ceremony were the Superintendent , Patricia Putty, The 4th grade singing "She's Our Planet." , Mrs. Mays,  our Library Teacher, Mrs. Bishop and our AWESOME Staff at Lemons Mill Elementary. It was very cool to be in the room with such distinguished guests. We are very proud of our school and its efforts to save energy.


Our very own Carson H. was interviewed by The News Graphic!
Our 4th graders singing! They did really great.

Our Energy Star Award

The First Lady
Mrs. Putty


By Chloe P.
and Riley E.


A Quick Recap of our Week:
Math-We wrapped up our decimal unit. On Thursday, we had a math test- grades will be back next week.

Reading-Citing evidence:  Quoting accurately from a text when explaining what the text says.- We practiced this all week and sounded pretty smart while doing it.

Writing-We have been doing MAP- Mode, Audience, Purpose and practicing this with writing prompts.

Social Studies-We began studying The French and Indian War and the beginning of the
Revolutionary War.

You may have also noticed that we are now playing recorders in music class! Those came home this week and need to be back at school the next time we have music.

by: Daniel D. & Carson W.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Wonderful Week of November 17-21

Welcome! Glad you stopped by to peek at our week!

We have had our class pet Penny for a while now and we have had many adventures with her. On every break a student will take her home. During thanksgiving I will be. One adventure we have had with her is that  during writing  Jake was holding her and she was listening! I guess now we know Penny`s favorite subject is writing. Another thing about penny is she likes to take pictures with us.

by. Me! Riley Ellis 

In Math we have been dividing decimals by whole numbers and we have been dividing decimals by decimals. We have been using the following strategies using a model and standard algorithm. Also we have been doing math stations in these stations we do math models, independent practice, a math game, dream box, skill builder, task cards, problem solving, and write about math.! Riley Ellis
In reading we have been learning about Text Features. Some text features are; heading, hyperlink. Title Page, caption, Icon, Guide words, Glossary, Index, Time Line, Chart, Table of Contents, Illustration, and Photograph. All these things and more help us better understand informational texts when we read! We did lots of fun activities this week using text features. In Lexia another student has completed all of the levels. We have also won the Lexia trophy for the week and hopefully the rest of the month! On Monday we will be taking our worldly wise test. I hope all of the students get A's. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing this week:
                                                                                                                            by: me! Chloe putty
In social studies we have been learning more about colonies. We will be presenting our colony brochure on Tuesday . Please work on them! Midterms will come home on Friday, check them out to see if you are on track this semester.  Don't forget to bring money to pay for the recorders for music- (they are $4.00) and signed midterms back on Monday. Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Turay will  be looking for those things.   Happy almost Thanksgiving and we hope you have a great weekend!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REMEMBER, IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE A LEMONS MILL LION!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Peek At Our Week- 11/10-11/14

Welcome to Snyder's Scoop!! We are the NEW blog team for November and December. We hope to keep you informed of what is going on in our classroom!! Our editor is Chloe P. and our staff is made up of Daniel D, Carson W., and Riley E. We hope you come back each week and stay caught up with us!

In math class this week we have continued with multiplying decimals. Here are some strategies we have been using. Standard algorithm, math models, and we also got to work with partial quotients. We have also been doing dream box , which is a web based math program that also helps us with our math skills.

                                                 This is what we do in our free time.

                            Here is some of the math problems we have been doing this week.

                                          This is what we do during math stations.

                                                                                                  By: Daniel Daff

                     In reading class we've been reading the Chronicles of  Narnia The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. We've recently watched the movie on Thursday. I think everyone liked it, I know I did! On Wednesday we took a test on the book. Today (Friday) we compared and contrasted the movie from the book. On  Lexia  Reading Core 5 some students have completed levels and some who have completed the whole game. There are 18 levels on Lexia and people have completed them all! We worked hard this week and EVERYONE met their Lexia usage goal!!. Here are some pictures of the movie and Lexia /reading plus.                    

Here we are loving the movie on Thursday!

Our WW vocabulary words for the next few weeks! Can you use them in your conversation?
By: ME! Riley E.
In social studies class we have been working on the 13 colonies. We are doing a brochure on the one we chose that are due on 11/25/14!! Make sure you are working on this and not waiting until the last minute. Mrs. Snyder will send home another criteria handout on Monday for you to use on the project in case you lost yours.  I chose to do mine on South Carolina!! On the project, we are graded on climate, geography, history, and more. We have also been learning about the Triangular Trade Route. the Triangular Trade Route is a trade route between New England, Europe, and Africa. Did you know that??
By: Carson W.
Thanks for stopping by this week!
We hope to get better each time. We hope you enjoyed a little peek into our daily life in 5th grade!
See you next week,
Your November/December Bloggers


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Wonderful Experience - Amber Philpott

Amber Philpott recently came to Lemons Mill's fifth grade classes. She shared some amazing stories about her adventures all over the United States. Amber also told us some of her strangest reports. One of them was about a horse that had fallen into a swimming pool, gotten caught in the cover, almost drowned, and had her foal a day after! In the end, she answered a few questions fifth graders had and took a picture with all of the students in it. We are all so glad to learn from Amber's adventures!

by Chloe Putty

Friday, September 19, 2014

Penny Pig & Projects

We have been busy in 5th grade!! We have been working on division, summarizing, learning all about Native Americans, personal narratives and other cool 5th grade things. We have had a great week.

We have a new member of our class. She is only 4, and she is furry. She loves to eat vegetables, drink water and loves to be held. Have you heard about her? Two weeks ago, we welcomed Penny. Penny is a Guinea Pig that once belonged to a former student of mine and she needed a new home. We found a home for her in room 227.

We have been reading lots of books about how to care for her and we have some classroom experts that have guinea pigs of their own that share their knowledge with us too! She really liked it when we save her some veggies from lunch and she also likes to sit in our laps while we work. She has been a fun addition to our classroom and the kids have done great taking care of her and welcoming her to our family.

We will have a care schedule posted next week with jobs of feeding, watering, holding changing out the bedding in her cage. They have been great with her and they make having a classroom pet very easy. I am looking for someone to take her home for Fall Break. Please let me know if you are interested.
We have also been doing lots of projects in our room. On 9/11 we did a web search timeline of the events that happened on September 11th. It was very cool and the kids enjoyed it very much. We learned a lot about this day in our nation's history.


Our Native American projects were turned in this week. They were amazing!! I loved seeing what can happen when you and your child collaborate to create. They presented the information the learned about their artifact and we have them on display in the hallway for all to see! I am very proud of their efforts. Grades for the project should be in the Friday folder from the week.


Next week, we will wrap up our division unit, work on non fiction text structures, move on in the timeline of our country to learn about explorers. We will keep working on our personal narratives and begin learning about plant and animal cells.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!

Mrs. Snyder