Friday, November 21, 2014

The Wonderful Week of November 17-21

Welcome! Glad you stopped by to peek at our week!

We have had our class pet Penny for a while now and we have had many adventures with her. On every break a student will take her home. During thanksgiving I will be. One adventure we have had with her is that  during writing  Jake was holding her and she was listening! I guess now we know Penny`s favorite subject is writing. Another thing about penny is she likes to take pictures with us.

by. Me! Riley Ellis 

In Math we have been dividing decimals by whole numbers and we have been dividing decimals by decimals. We have been using the following strategies using a model and standard algorithm. Also we have been doing math stations in these stations we do math models, independent practice, a math game, dream box, skill builder, task cards, problem solving, and write about math.! Riley Ellis
In reading we have been learning about Text Features. Some text features are; heading, hyperlink. Title Page, caption, Icon, Guide words, Glossary, Index, Time Line, Chart, Table of Contents, Illustration, and Photograph. All these things and more help us better understand informational texts when we read! We did lots of fun activities this week using text features. In Lexia another student has completed all of the levels. We have also won the Lexia trophy for the week and hopefully the rest of the month! On Monday we will be taking our worldly wise test. I hope all of the students get A's. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing this week:
                                                                                                                            by: me! Chloe putty
In social studies we have been learning more about colonies. We will be presenting our colony brochure on Tuesday . Please work on them! Midterms will come home on Friday, check them out to see if you are on track this semester.  Don't forget to bring money to pay for the recorders for music- (they are $4.00) and signed midterms back on Monday. Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Turay will  be looking for those things.   Happy almost Thanksgiving and we hope you have a great weekend!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REMEMBER, IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE A LEMONS MILL LION!!!!!!!!!!!

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