Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laptop Research

In Social Studies we are learning about Our Community. We are learning about laws, rules and our local government. Today we were able to use the laptops (THANKS PTO!) and do a little research on  our community on our city homepage. We looked up the names of all of our city council members, our mayor and other important city officials. We learned how to navigate this web page so that we can dig a little deeper tomorrow to learn more facts!  Once we finish this unit we will be taking a walking field trip downtown to meet all of the people and see all of the places we have been/ will be learning about. It will be FUN.
They worked so hard and L-O-V-E-D using this technology. And because I love snapping pictures of them I have some to share with you. Take a peek!!

The Pink & Orange teams working hard.
This team was setting a fine example!
Check out the Blue team.
Look at this pair. They could not be interrupted.
These guys may look like trouble, but they did GREAT work! :)

Don't forget to keep working hard to sell items from your fundraiser packet. Those fundraisers are the exact reason we have all of this wonderful technology to use each day! I love it all and would love some more! Thanks for working so hard to help us raise money!

Mrs. Snyder