Friday, January 28, 2011

We Have a Visitor.

We have a visitor in our classroom this week all the way from Maryland!
Her name is Stacey.
She is flat.
Flat Stacey is a project from a Brownie Troop in MD. She flew (via mail) all the way here to spend the week with us and learn what third grade is like in Kentucky! She has had a great time with us so far. She has been learning so much we have been journaling for her to tell her all about the things she has been doing. She even went to the Academic Team Meet yesterday and to Kindermusik with Mrs. Snyder's little boy!
We wanted to share some pictures of Flat Stacey enjoying her time in room 201.

She helped these two with their multiplication tests!

She helped these ladies write in their journals.

Stacey joined this reading group.

She practiced word work with playdough.

She read with these girls.

She posed with this guy.
He is proud to be the first one to pass ALL of his multiplaction tests.

At recess she played Conncet Four.

She enjoyed reading silently with this guy.

She posed with Mrs. Snyder.

She might have been our good luck charm!
We WON the match!!
She is with us again today.
We will see what kind of adventures she can get into!

Mrs. Snyder

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