Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We would like to introduce you to Rosebud & Fudge. The cutest little baby chicks you ever did see.

We have had 3 chicken eggs in an incubator in our classroom since the first of the month. We became interested in chicks on our Ag Day field trip where we learned all about eggs and how they hatch. Our interest grew as we read the book Love, Ruby Lavender. In this story the main character raises chickens and they lay eggs. I guess you can say we are a little chicken crazed in here.

So to feed our chicken craze we contacted the 4H Extension Office and they supplied us with everything we needed to hatch our own! We fell in love with our eggs from day one. We have been watching them, watering them and hoping they would hatch! On Monday night when we left, the center egg had cracked and we saw a tiny chick trying to work his way out! On Tuesday morning when we arrived at school we had 2 baby chicks! We were an excited bunch.

On Tuesday we moved the hatched chicks to a new home in a large tote. We made it as comfy and as toasty as possible for them. We gave them food, water and soft bedding to snuggle in and we all fell in love! They fluffed up right before our eyes.  We had a great name debate but after much discussion we agreed to name the yellow one ROSEBUD after one of the chicks in our book. We named the little brown one FUDGE.
We have all loved on them, and will be sad to see them go on Friday. We are still holding out hope for our one lone egg  hoping to add a third chick to our crew.

Here are some pictures of our new arrivals!

Our eggs when the kids left on Monday.

Our eggs when I left on Monday.

Our eggs when we arrived to school Tuesday morning!!

Their cozy home for the week.



We all got to hold the chicks.

We love petting the chicks!

They can get a little wild!

Mrs. Snyder

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