Sunday, October 17, 2010

Landform Cookies

We are working on geography and map skills in Social Studies right now. We have practiced with Miss Lawson all about parts of a map, types of maps, how to read maps and how to use maps. We have also been talking about types of landforms we would see on a map. Wednesday we listed all the landforms we knew and watched a video clip from Brain Pop Jr. where Annie and Moby explained what landforms were and where we would find them. On Thursday, we worked in 3 Landform Stations to discover more information about landforms. In these stations we found pictures of landforms in magazines and categorized them correctly, we used play dough to create landforms to show we understood the difference between them, and we played a matching game with landform pictures and labels and then used our words to describe each landform.  On Friday, we used all of our knowledge about landforms to make the best kind of landforms...EDIBLE LANDFORMS! :)
We used sugar cookies, frosting, graham cracker crumbles, and candy to create landforms. We had a landfrom checklist and we used that to show our knowledge of landforms on the cookie. We then checked off the landforms we used and drew a picture of our final landform creation and labeled each landform that we represented. After our creations were complete and our illustrations were done we shared a few of them with the class using the document camera so we all could see and enjoy each other's work.
These were so much fun and showed how much we really knew about landforms!! We wanted to share some of them with you. When you look at the pictures see if you can pick out what types of landforms we made!

Did you see any volcanoes, plateaus, bays or mountains? What landforms did you see?
We had so much fun playing (and learning) with our food!

Mrs. Snyder

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