Wednesday, April 10, 2013


DC Day three began the same way day two did- bright and early with breakfast at the hotel. After a quick bite in the lobby we boarded the beloved tour buses once again and headed to Mount Vernon and George Washington's Estate. We arrived as they were opening the gates and spent the morning on the same grounds that our nation's first president walked on, we walked through the same house he lived in and even got a peek at the very bed he slept in! It is a beautiful plot of land filled with historical sites to see- including the grave where George and Martha Washington are buried. We ate lunch on the grounds, toured the home, saw the land, visited the museums and many of us saw a great interactive movie about his life. It was a wonderful morning spent in the country.

After our morning at Mount Vernon we made our way back into the city. Once back in the city we toured some pretty important buildings like The Supreme Court, The Capitol and The Library of Congress. We saw things like the oldest book in print, a movie about how our court system works and all sorts of sights and sounds that most only read about in books or see on TV. We were walking the halls where many greats have walked. In the rooms where very important decisions are made and among stacks of books that were written and read by many of our heroes. Our fabulous tour guides Walter and Bernie did not let us miss a thing as we walked from place to place and once inside they taught us all sorts of fun facts to keep or interests.

After our tours, we made our way on foot to Union Station for dinner. It was another food court meal so there were lots of choices. We split up and picked what sounded good and enjoyed a time of rest and refueling before another night tour of the monuments. Our night time tour included FDR memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. It is so very cool to see them all lit up at night and learn the facts about each spot.

A few girls and I tried a Nutella/Oreo Crepe. It was totally picture worthy. 

The crepe only lasted about 3.5 seconds.

As you can see it was another FULL day of fun and learning around our capital city. We learned so much and had such a great bunch of kids and parents to learn with. After our tours we found our buses and made our way back to our hotel to write in our journals all about our busy day and pack our suitcases to head home the next day. But our night also ended with another celebration. Tim- the tour company owner had a nice ceremony planned for our principal Mr. Andes. Mr. Andes is retiring this year and this was trip #16 to DC. We had cake, ice cream and punch to celebrate and we honored Mr. Andes for all of his support of the trip and for allowing us to make it happen. After the food and fellowship in the lobby it was off to write, pack and rest up for our final day in the city.

The print we all signed for Mr. Andes.
Day three was another one for the books! We had a great day and everyone learned so much! Come back to read all about our final day in DC tomorrow!

Mrs. Snyder

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