Friday, September 20, 2013

What's Happening in 153?

Hello Parents & Friends of Room 153,
We have been working hard in our classroom. We have been learning all sorts of things and learning all about each other in the process. We have created quite a nice dynamic in our room and we have our routines and schedule down. We can accomplish a whole lot in one day as we work on lots of new skills. We have had some interesting classroom visitors, welcomed a new student and a student teacher since our last post! I thought it would be fun for you to catch up on the happenings around here with some pictures of our day to day.

We LOVE our new playground and love it even more when Mrs. Mays comes out to play.

S'mores the Gerbil came to visit us.

TANK the Bearded Dragon came to visit us too! We have had lots of creatures in the classroom.

Thanks to this dad for showing us all about the Bearded Dragon.

We all got the chance to get up close and personal with TANK.

On 9/11We learned all about the September 11th attacks on our country through an online timeline web quest. It was very interesting and so neat to see the kids explore this topic for the first time. They were so intrigued.

Learning about the 9/11 events.

They were able to see video footage from some of that day. Not many historical events have video footage and this was so interesting to them.

They worked together to find out information about the events.

More 9/11 teamwork.

We wrote paragraphs about our favorite cheeseburger toppings with the 3rd and 4th graders in the Village Square. We illustrated them and they are hanging in the cafeteria.

Cheeseburger construction.

Cheeseburger Teamwork.

On 9/13 our stage was put to use for the first time!! The Lexington Children's Theater came to do a production of Anansi. It was a great show and fit perfectly with our folk tales that we had been reading in class.

On Wednesday 9/18 we had a funeral. We said goodbye to the word SAID and came up with new words that would spice up our writing! It was an activity we did with the other 5th grade class and we were not sad to see SAID go.
On 9/20 we brought in our Native American projects!
These kids did some amazing work!!

We loved learning about this longhouse.

This rattle and Hogan were awesome too!

This totem poll was a great example of a symbol of the region of the Northwest Coast.

We had jewelry, tools, and weapons too!

We also played some Native American inspired games.

 Meet Mrs. Cudd. She is our student teacher from The University of the Cumberlands. She is a great addition to our classroom and has jumped right in with our day to day instruction. She will be with us for 4 more weeks.

Mrs. Cudd and her pink twin!!

A Peek at Next Week:

Math: We will be reviewing division strategies and learning to divide numbers with two digit divisors.
Reading: We will be reviewing our tests from this week and begin working on Non Fiction Text Features and Structures.
Writing: We will continue work on narrative writing.
Social Studies: We will wrap up our Native American Unit and begin our Exploration Unit.
STEM: We will continue to work on our STEM plant projects.

9/23- Book Fair Opens!
9/24- Family Night! Lots of fun things planned- you won't want to miss this!
9/25- Mrs. Snyder's Birthday!!!
9/27- GrandDay- Grandparents and Special Friends are welcome to come enjoy lunch and the book fair with their students. There was an RSVP flyer for this. If you need more information please ask!

Thanks so much for stopping by. As always we are glad you are interested in what we are up to and we hope you come back again to see what is new. Have a GREAT weekend.

Mrs. Snyder

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  1. Thank you for sharing the great happenings of Room 153! :)