Saturday, September 6, 2014

Welcome Back 2014!

Hello Parents and Friends!

Welcome back to school! I know you have been back for a while, but this week was my first week back after maternity leave. I have LOVED getting to know each one of my students this week. We have been trying to learn all about each other all while learning new things, having picture day, trying to catch up to the other 5th grade classes and follow our daily schedule. It sure has been an adjustment for me to be back, but I have enjoyed it so much!

I wanted to start by giving you a peek in our classroom. This is where we spend our days. There are 24 of us in this room. We will learn together and grow so much together in this room this school year. I work hard to create an inviting space where we will all want to come to each day.  :)

WhaleCome. We are so glad you stopped by!
This is a peek in our room.
If you look closely you may notice the smallest Snyder child in this picture. He likes to come help me on the weekends. :)

This is one of the most used spots in our room.
We use it for morning meeting, reading groups, group work, a quiet place to read or work.
We use this corner quite a bit during our day.
This is our clip chart. Each day your child starts on GREEN- Good Day. They move up and down the chart based on good and not so good choices. There was info about this in the back to school folder. If you want to know more about how it works just ask! :)

We have 4 classroom rules:
Listen, Share, READ, Care.
Ask your child what these rules mean.

Here is our schedule, in case you were wondering what we did all day.
This is a great class and they have worked very hard with the sub and have all learned a little about each other, but I am trying to learn all about them too and we have been working to create a classroom culture that will make all of our days great ones. This week we did a little activity to encourage collaboration, communication and celebration (which are all key words here at LME). I gave each group a set of six solo cups and a string and rubber band apparatus and asked them to collaborate to create a six cup tower without touching the cups or rubber band with their hands. They could only use the string.
This seemed like a very challenging task to them. There was some concern that I had asked them to do the impossible. However, after some great communicating among the teammates they were able to collaborate to come up with some pretty creative ways to attempt the challenge. Eventually all groups completed the challenge which was reason for celebration and allowed for a great classroom discussion about working together and completing tasks.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our short 4 day week and our classroom. We hope to update this blog regularly and eventually have the students do the updates. I am looking forward to the adventures to come with this bunch this year!!


Mrs. Snyder